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Sex After Prostate Cancer and Sexual Frustrations With Erectile Dysfunction - A Few Ideas
By Lori Wilk

What happens when a survivor of Prostate Cancer cannot function sexually like in the past. It's more than just aging that's the problem, it's the body parts that just don't want to cooperate when you want them to and the reactions and responses that you have and those of any sexual partners that take their toll. A natural response for many people is frustration and/or depression. Depression and frustration aren't going to put your bedroom activities in the spotlight. The key to improving our lives is not to stay frustrated or depressed. We have to take actions and do something to make our lives more satisfying.

Here's a few ideas. First for you, the Prostate Cancer survivor, you have to make some clear decisions. Do you want to focus on what you can't do or what you can do? If you can't at the moment, let's focus on the present and what we can do. Do you have the use of other body parts that help you have enjoyment ? Let's look at sensuality and that will include everything that will help you gratify the senses. Do you have the ability to see , hear, taste, touch, and smell?

What would look good to you? Can you help your partner feel more attractive? The great thing about having bodies is that there's so much we can touch. What if you concentrate on other visual, touch, or smell possibilities. If you don't always feel as great as you'd like to, what about encouraging your partner to feel good. There have been many times that we've needed uplifting from depression and frustration and it helped to move our bodies in any way. Moving your body helps you get unstuck and to go forward. If possible we've gone for a walk, gone swimming, or even to the gym to do anything we feel we can at the time.

It's also great to use products to feel good and to enjoy touch and smells that are positive. Ask yourself the question, what would you enjoy seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, or smelling? The possibilities are unlimited and you can be happier with anything from different food, clothing, aromatherapy candles or products, massage oils, soaps, scrubs, and even adult toys. We're adults so take steps to make your life more enjoyable. It's what we have.

Lori Wilk, MBA, is a high energy motivational speaker, author, and producer.Visit our sites at sexafterprostatecancer sexafterprostatecancer or book speaking engagements at loriwilk loriwilk If you enjoyed this article, syndicate me, add me to your web site, send me an e-mail. c.2008 Lori Wilk. All rights reserved Worldwide. Reprint rights: You may reprint this article if you do not alter it in any way, give author name recognition, keep all links active, and follow ezine articles guidelines for publishers.

Lori_Wilk Lori_Wilk

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