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Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery by Lois W Stern
By Carine Nadel

Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery: Things You'll Never Learn From Your Plastic Surgeon tackles the physical discomforts, the eventual outcomes, the psychological changes and several other topics that until this book-were virtually ignored.

One such topic is transference. The medical phenomenon of the patient falling in love with their doctor. Much has been written about pregnant women falling for their OB/GYNs, or troubled souls feeling sexual about their psychologists and psychiatrists, but very little has ever been divulged about patients and their cosmetic surgeons.

Stern even opens up to us about her own very real and humiliating experience with the subject of transference with her own doctor.

The chapter hits hard. It's honest and gut-wrenching. I felt empathy for her and, although her surgeon did show compassion, it was clear that he didn't know quite how to handle the situation. I suspect surgeons receive little or no training in dealing with these sensitive issues and that chapter and several others in Lois W. Stern's book could serve as an excellent training manual to heighten sensitivity for readers and surgeons alike.

Even though this is far from a text book-I learned a lot about whether or not I'd be a good candidate for this type of surgery. It made me look at what it could and couldn't do. It had analytical questions for me think about at the end of every chapter (they were written up as quizzes and checklists).

I wasn't really thinking of having work done-at least not now or in the near future, however, I did like the information Stern was able to provide and was glad I read it over. I feel more confidant now, that if someone came to me and asked my opinion, I had something worthwhile (other than my 2 cents) to offer: go buy and read Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery by Lois W. Stern. She knows all about it-she'll give you good advice.

Something more:
A most creative Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery CD will be released this August offering so much more than the usual CD. What a fantastic idea!

Carine Nadel is on The Reader's Advisory Panel of Woman's Day magazine and has had numerous articles and recipes published both on various websites and print publications. To read more of her work, log onto: Carine-whatscooking Carine- whatscooking

Carine_Nadel Carine_Nadel

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