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Gay and Lesbian Sex - Risks and Disease Prevention
By Ken Brower

As Western societies have developed and diversified over the past centuries, homosexuals have made tremendous strides in gaining the recognition and acceptance they deserve. While one's preference of romantic and physical involvement with someone of the same sex used to be kept silent, gays and lesbians now occupy a place of stature in the modern world. Their relationships are now slowly being given the respect and recognition that any mature sexual relationship should be given.

Homosexuality involves different sexual norms and activities since it involves two members of the same gender. Anal sex is a sexual practice associated with gay male couples. Though gay men may not immediately think of anal sex whenever they meet potential partners, some will express that it is an integral part of a gay relationship.

However, with this practice come several associated issues. One is the concern over the rising incidence and prevalence of HIV infection among gay men. Despite numerous HIV awareness and AIDS prevention programs, there are still some gays who prefer to go bare backing the colloquial term for anal sex without the use of condom. Several reasons for this mind set include recklessness, the feeling of invincibility, and fatalism. As AIDS prevention programs have long been rampant, nobody practicing gay sex can claim ignorance to risk factors associated with this disease.

However, these public health programs on AIDS prevention have also brought on some positive results. Increased understanding of HIV, including its transmission and risk factors, has provided incentives for most gay men to practice safer sex. Those responsible enough to care for their health and that of their partner always make it a point to use condom and lubricants every time they have a sexual act. Even oral sex is done with condoms. This initiative is proven to be effective enough in AIDS prevention campaigns, preventing HIV transmission from one infected person to his uninfected partner. One important factor to consider when engaging in protected anal sex is the selection of the right condom, preferably one that is thick enough to withstand the pressure of gliding in and out of the rectum, with the aid of large amount of water-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants are not advisable, as Vaseline, creams, and baby oil can degrade the latex structure, making it prone to breakage. There are a lot of brands available in the market specifically designed for condoms. Even online retailers offer several brands of lubricants. Some lubricants even have exotic flavors to maximize enjoyment during sex. Another way to procure lubricants is to make one yourself, by boiling cornstarch in water until a gel is obtained. It would be good to note, though, that lubricants are meant to enhance the sexual act itself, and in no way contribute to the prevention of STDs and pregnancies.

Another term that emphasizes the link between HIV, gay sex, and condom is a men on the down low. Though originally used within the African -American community, this term has reached popular recognition and means the behavior of men engaging in sexual acts with other men though they don't openly acknowledge their homosexuality or even bisexuality. These men need to practice safe sex for AIDS prevention, as they can be used as mode of viral transmission from an infected male to his female partner, who does not have a clue as to his other sexual activities. The nondisclosure of sexual history and activities has long been a stumbling block in AIDS prevention efforts and needs to be addressed.

Though the prevalence of HIV and other STDs are not as high among lesbians, it does not mean that they are immune to it. Among lesbians, the practice of safe sex include the use of female condoms and lubricants when performing oral sex, putting male condoms on dildos and vibrators, using latex gloves when manually stimulating your partner, and abstaining from sex during menstruation. The wisdom in all this is to minimize, if not completely avoid, the transfer of bodily fluids and contact with open sores around the genitals, the mouth, or the anus. Lesbian couples must realize that they are not exempted from AIDS prevention efforts and must practice safe sex.

And when you notice something out of the ordinary, like itching and burning sensation in genitals, as well as the appearance of sores, seek medical help immediately. Whether you're straight, gay or lesbian, it still pays to know the necessary steps in AIDS prevention, take care of your well-being and your partner's, and heed whatever warning signs sent out by your bodies.

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