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Traveling with babies and small children has always been something that people have had to do whether it was for necessity or for a nice vacation. If you travel in your car you have the convenience of stopping when you need to and if the child has a total fit and starts screaming and yelling the only people that it bothers are you. Traveling by airplane, however, is a whole another story and one that stresses many parents of young children out. There are certain things to be sure to have with you including food and bottles as well as entertainment for older kids which may require you to have a iPod screen replacement or iPad repair before your trip.
If you plan ahead for all of the situations that may arise and you follow some of these helpful tips, your airplane travel should be smooth and uneventful. When traveling with a small baby, the timing of the flight is very important. Try to schedule your flight to take off around a feeding time and nap time like the noon meal. One of the biggest problems with babies is the change in pressure on their ears on take off and landing so if you can feed them a bottle or nurse them during those times, they will not suffer. The ideal is to feed them on takeoff and then have them take their nap during the flight following that feeding. If they are not hungry, try to have them take a pacifier to relieve their ears.
When traveling with toddlers, the timing of the flight is also very important as this is the age group that can not sit still for very long. If a bedtime or naptime flight is not an option, there are some good ways to occupy your toddler. First, give them as much exercise in the airport terminal before the flight as you can. The more physical exercise they get beforehand, the better. Also, board the plane last not first like many people do. The less time you have to contain an energetic two years old child in his seat, the better. Buy some new toys to periodically bring out during the flight that will engage them and always have plenty of snacks and drinks for them too in case there is a delay.
A great idea for children of all ages when going on an airplane is to make them a special airplane plastic bag full of small toys, activities and snacks for them to enjoy during the flight. Having new things to look at and play with will keep them occupied a lot longer than packing old toys. Things like coloring books or a new video game are also great choices. A small portable DVD player is a good idea too where the children can watch a movie or show to keep them happy.
Preparing ahead is the key to successful travel with children. The more things to entertain them and snacks and drinks to keep them happy, the better off you will be.
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