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Important Things to Know About Sims Social

Important Things to Know About Sims Social

The Sims Social is currently one of the hottest games on Facebook which is the most popular social networking site today. This is another version of the original Sims game which was created to simulate the game to work on the specs of a social networking site. The most obvious difference between the PC version and the online version is the ability of Sims social to mingle with your Facebook friends and enjoy the game at the same time. However, just like any other games on Facebook, it already figured out ways to make more money and players can get hot items by looking into Sims Social Cheats.
It is understood that once an individual tries a game, they have various positive and negative feedbacks about it. This is based on the experience they encounter during the course of the game. Some may say that it was great while others may find it boring. Some may also have a hard time downloading since they have old PCS, furthermore some may even find using the Sims social cheats unhelpful and unethical.
Positive Side
1. The Sims social on Facebook has exquisite visual effects whenpared to the old version. The designers of the game worked really hard and put every detail in place to make things go smoothly.
2. The interaction among friends is pretty prevalent on the Sims Social. Other networking games may have same features but the kind of socializing you get in the game is incomparable.
3. You can personalize your character by creating from scratch and you have the control to select the skin tone, gender or personality of your Sims.
Negative Side
The gardening and farming feature is not as fun as the desktop version. Acquiring items is difficult because you need to get other stuff to complete or wait for friends to give them to you as a gift. The load time is stressful. There are lots of technical issues when the user is on the application. Some get tired of waiting and they end up choosing another game to play.
Theseplaints should be addressed immediately because it can truly affect the people's interest on the game. Loading games and characters mean much less time to play and users end up getting really annoyed of such scenarios.
For some, the Sims social cheats is an unfair method of gaining fame in the game. It should be done like everyone else. The high number of cheats available online alarmed the developers, more people using cheats mean less profit and income. Using such methods will not generate much revenue and in the end, it ends up unpopular and people will get tired of it.

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